The secret of the Chinese Dog – Day 3

René von Tiger – Consulting Detective

Day 3 – The track of the dog

My colleague Holmes had given me a very nice puzzle. Without even the slightest clue in the paw, I should find the mysterious Chinese Dog. Only the indication that the beast is hanging out on a big party was given to me by the great detective.

What needs the striped investigator in such a messy situation is one thing: Overview! In order to get one, I went to the south bank of the Thames. Right across the river I had a nice view of the world famous Westminster Clowns College.

Sure, some readers of my report will now wonder if I’m not mistaken, and it is in fact the Houses of Parliament. Yes and no. On the one hand, the large neo-Gothic Palace of Westminster from the years 1840-70 houses the Upper House and the Lower House, that is the British Parliament; on the other hand, ever since the great times of First Sealord Admiral Winston Churchill and an Iron Lady Margret Thatcher there never was a government of the United Kingdom so embarrassing. With the hatred slogan “foreigners out”, a bold lie campaign to deceive the people and an incomprehensible incompetence in the leadership of the nation, they steer the country out of the European Union directly into the political offside and the economic desaster. Churchill and Thatcher have to turn in their graves! What do I say? Turn around? They will rotate! If you were to connect generators to the two, you could certainly supply the whole of Europe with clean electricity, as fast as they must be rotating in their vaults.

But that’s not my topic at all, so I focus on my current case again.

The best overview is best obtained by keeping a close eye on the fogged up issue, and the biggest eye in London is the London Eye, which is parked here in the river Thames. From 1998 to 1999, this was the highest Ferris wheel in Europe, built by the Dutch company Hollandia and opened on the 9th of March 2000.

If you want to take a ride on the London Eye, the best way to get your tickets is to use the Internet booking system, or one of the vending machines in the building just opposite the Ferris wheel. Do not queue up without a ticket! Definitely the fast-track tickets are recommended. With these VIP tickets you can use the short queue, and you can start your journey within 10 minutes. In the normal queue you need about 10 minutes, only to run to it’s end, where you can then expect a good two hours waiting time. This is nothing for a brilliant Tiger on an important mission because time is money, and money is food! By the way, you can see both queues in the photo on the side: right above, the fast-track queue for smart tigers, and right below, as well as across the square by the park the long queue for the infantry.

From the top I actually had the best overview and then I saw it. With my sharp tiger’s eyes I could discover that something was going on at Trafalgar Square and that it could have something to do with the Chinese Dog.

From the top I actually had the first overview and then the view. With my sharp tiger’s eye I could discover that something was going on in Trafalgar Square. I will report about my discovery in the next part of my adventure…

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