Adventure in space and time (Part 1)

Something strange is going on! My sensitive whiskers, which a certain Honey Bear is penetratingly referred to as “shaky mustache”, made me perceive a shock in the continuum of time. After long, complex calculations, I was able to localize the cause: Somewhere far north there was a crack in space and time. It’s time again for me to save the world, so I am now on a dangerous expedition into unknown regions until the sextant points 60° North.

For the upcoming mission I need a qualified team to support me. Above all, Captain Jean-Luc von Tiger.

Captain Jean-Luc von Tiger, I am handing you over the command of our new Exsis-class vessel, with which we will boldly go where no tiger has gone before.

I hope Jean-Luc finds his new captains chair acceptable. In order to always be supplied with the most important information during our mission, we have added the special Agent Wolfman to our team. He is a master of disguise and unbeatable when it comes to intelligence activities.

Our first stopover is with the Ch’tis, some idiosyncratic ice people, high in the frosty north of France. According to the information available to us through Agent Wolfman, we must be careful here not to freeze our toes off.

In front of the town hall we contact the leader of the Ch’tis. A tall guy with a slightly artificial demeanor. He assures me that nobody’s toe has frozen off before. Even a postal worker from the south of France who is used to warmth would have surely survived here for a long time. … I wonder if Agent Wolfman’s information really is correct …

No mission to save the world should be tackled without a proper meal in advance. That’s why I decided to go to this place opposite the Belfry to refresh myself a little.

I’m sure by now that Agent Wolfman caught a bad rumor. You don’t get your toes freezing here! Instead, the Ch’tis make delicious food. Aye! A goulash with fries and salad, with a delicious glass of wine.

Before we set up camp for the night, we discuss the planning for the next day at a small Café Gourmand.

The historic belfry finally rings for the night’s rest.

The next morning we start with a healthy breakfast. After all, you shouldn’t go on a dangerous expedition on an empty stomach. In front of us lies the wild area of the Angles and the Saxons! *horror*

After breakfast we are ready for embarkation.

However, extensive security checks are carried out on all vehicles before embarkation. Freight vehicles that have already been examined are properly marked by the four-legged expert.

Soon we discover the White Cliffs of Dover on the horizon and with it the south coast of the British Isles.

Captain Jean-Luc von Tiger is setting a new course: 000.0° North. Engage!

Agent Wolfman claims the penguin may be part of a conspiracy to gain world domination. We’ll let him follow up on this as soon as we’re back from the 60th parallel.

After struggling with the Anglo-Saxons on their overcrowded highways all day, as a world-saving tiger you urgently need some nerve food and a decent night’s sleep.

In Part 2 of my adventures in space and time, I will report where my team and I are going further on the expedition to the 60th parallel.

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