Big harbor tour in Cologne

When you explore the big wide world as an adventurous tiger, you often forget that super exciting things can also be discovered right around the corner at home. So today I walked less than two hundred meters to set sail on board an excursion steamer for a long tour all around the harbours of Cologne.

The tour starts at a pier south of Cologne’s southernmost bridge, the Rodenkrichener Brücke. As I said, right at my home. The journey goes past the modern crane houses to Severinsbrücke and into the harbour of Deutz. There is an old mill there. So, not an old windmill or something, but a large factory that used to make a lot of flour. The fire brigade also parks here.

The journey continues to the Cologne Cathedral and under the Hohenzollern Brücke. The little train is currently running in the Rheinpark. I haven’t ridden it for a long time either – it’s about time again! Behind the bridge next to the zoo, the Zoobrücke, I look back to the cathedral between the gondolas of the cable car.

Meanwhile I’ve come to Cologne’s northernmost bridge, the Mülheimer Brücke. Here we take a lap through the harbour of Mülheim, in which there is a small shipyard. You can have your ship repaired there.

Finally we reach the harbour of Niehler in the far north of Cologne. This is where a large number of containers are loaded from the ship to the train or to the truck or vice versa. The excursion boats that are not currently in use are also parked here. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them parking here at the moment because there are not so many excursions due to Corona. That’s a shame, because this excursion through the Cologne ports was really great. An absolute tiger tip!

The great harbor tour at Kölntourist is my very personal Tigertip. Aye!

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