Free with the KVB to the Berg Country Museum

Today, there was something very special at the Cologne transport companies, the KVB: Everyone was allowed to drive around without a ticket for free. Of course, I wanted to take advantage of that and chose an exciting destination, the Berg Country Museum for mining, craft and trade in Bensberg.

So I boarded the line 16 right at my place in town to roll to the Neumarkt. Once there, I changed to line 1 and drove directly to Bensberg.

Although I had previously feared that it would be totally crowded, if you can drive for free, but apparently hardly anyone knew about the day of free driving, and so the trains remained well-filled. What a Tiger’s fortune. Hehe!

In Bensberg, the train dives into the ground shortly before the finish and I looked at the futuristic subway station. It is so deep in the ground that there are two more parking decks of the P + R underground car park obove it before the bus station is at the top.

After the long train journey, I first had to strengthen myself properly.

I had previously asked aunt Google where I can do this, and it was the Guesthouse Wermelskirchen wich caught my Tiger’s eye. There I sat down for lunch on the cozy balcony outside.

A goulash soup, a bit of asparagus, a huge Schnitzel “Berg Country”, as well as fruit, ice cream and cherries for dessert brought the weakened tiger back on its feet.

And it was super delicious, too. Aye!

On the way from the inn to the museum, I meet an old buddy from the Sesame Street, who was just as much hungry as I am most of the time. However, he specializes in COOOKIIIIEEEEES !!!!!!

He provided my with a smart hint, how to find the museum on a short cut. Nice guy. Aye!

Only a little bit further I arrived at the museum. According to the description one can inform oneself here about the former mining in the Berg Country and old craft professions.

In front of the door there was an old mine train, with which I drove straight into the mountain.

Down there I ask by phone how I would get out of here again. Somehow, the number I had called was temporarily unavailable. Anyway, I had to look for myself how to get out of here.

Fortunately, there were enough tools around so that I could chisel the way with the jackhammer.

I put the rubble with a great loader into a train and drove it away.

So I come bayk outside into daylight again and stood right in front of the blacksmith.

Today, a blacksmith is also present in the smithy, forming a pretty candlestick with fire and anvil from a simple iron bar.

Next door, the wheelwright has his workshop. For those who do not know what they are doing: Wheels! Small and big wheels for carriages, carts, wheelbarrows and everything else that rolls.

After an extensive tour of the great exhibition in the museum, I then made my way back to Cologne.

Having still free driving at the KVB, I rolled on to the Alter Markt and visited the new attraction Time Ride VR Cöln.

With an old tram you can make a virtual time travel to the Cologne of the year 1909 here. First you drive over the Rheinuferstraße and then into the city an on the Alter Markt.

This was definitely a great experience and a great day. Should the KVB have such a ticket-free day again, I will be there. Aye!

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