Buffoons at the Whisky-Depot Cologne

Today we had a whole horde of buffoons visiting us in the Whisky-Depot Cologne. Do not worry – all dear friends from the carnival-club “KG Kölsche Lotterbove e.V.” (Cologne Buffoons).

I have asked my brother Pierre and my service staff to properly host and entertain on my behalf. Apparently, they did that so well that we even found mention in the commemorative publication of the club.

It was also a very funny evening for us and we look forward to seeing the entire group soon.

Here is the beautifully written article:

The Buffoons Christmas-Whisky-Tasting

On the 22nd December2016 we had a very special evening at the Whisky-Depot Cologne. The owners Robert and Tanja Breuer guided us through a private tasting with selected Scotch whiskies and liqueurs.

In addition to the excellent drinks, we were also spoiled with culinary. There were delicious (and very alcoholic) cakes and the Scottish national dish Haggis. It consists of the stomach of a sheep, which is filled with heart, liver, lung, kidney fat, onions and oatmeal. The brave among us tried and noticed: It tastes great!!! Even if the optics takes a while to get used to it.

Between the tastings, we eagerly listened to the interesting explanations and anecdotes of the owners. They took us on a short tour of Scotland, it’s history and distilleries.

At the end – fitting the season – we got in a special christmas mood. Robert presented a poem by Clement Clarke Moore and cast a spell over us with “A Visit From Saint Nicholas”.

At the end we all were sure, this was not the last visit to the Whisky-Depot Cologne!

  • Sascha Derstrof u. Stephanie Kemper
    (English translation by René von Tiger)

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