My bucket-list

This is my list, with all the beautiful things I want to do, before I kick the bucket, or my stripes fly away…

…whichever comes first.

Zu besuchende Orte

  • Visit the Antarctic
  • Visit Australia
  • Visit New Zealand
  • Visit Iceland
  • Visit Alaska
  • Visit Hawaii
  • Visit Casablanca
  • See the gorge of the Zrmanja river (Croatia)
    (Well-known scenes from “Winnetou” were filmed here.)
  • Visit all counties of Germany
    (396 of 400 done)
  • Visit all Départements in France
    (73 of 96 done, 2 of 5 Overseas-Départements)
  • Visit all Continents
    (5 of 7 done)
  • Visit as many countries in the world as possible
    Done: (1) Germany, (2) France, (3) Belgium, (4) Netherlands, (5) Luxembourg, (6) Great Britain, (7) Ireland, (8) Switzerland, (9) Malta, (10) Italy, (11) South Afrika, (12) Danmark, (13) Austria, (14) Cambodia, (15) Vietnam, (16) Thailand, (17) Cuba, (18) Jersey, (19) Guernsey, (20) Andorra, (21) Spain, (22) Poland, (23) Sweden, (24) Turkey, (25) Lichtenstein, (26) Martinique, (27) Saint Kitts & Nevis, (28) British Virgin Islands, (29) Dominica, (30) Antigua & Barbuda, (31) Guadeloupe, (32) Monaco, (33) Barbados, (34) Russia, (35) Czech Republic, (36) Saint Martin, (37) Sint Maarten, (38) Namibia, (39) Gibraltar, (40) Portugal, (41) Finnland, (42) Estonia, (43) Latvia, (44) Norway, (45) Maledives, (46) Bahrain, (47) Lithuania, (48) Hungary, (49) Serbia, (50) Romania, (51) Bulgaria, (52) Slovakia, (53) Panama, (54) Colombia, (55) Aruba, (56) Curaçao, (57) Bonaire, (58) Grenada, (59) Saint Lucia, (60) Montserrat, (61) Saint Barthélemy, (62) U.S.A.

Attractions to visit

  • See Versailles
  • See the Louvre
  • See Machu Picchu
  • See the Temple of Petra
  • See the Forum Romanum
  • See the Acropolis in Athens
  • See the pyramids of Giza
  • See the temple of Karnak
  • See the temple of Abu Simbel
  • See the moai on the Easter Island
  • See the Mount Everest
  • See the Standing Stones of Callanish
  • Visit the Sea Otters in the Oregon Zoo
  • Visit the HMS Victory in historical uniform
  • See the snow monkeys bathing in the Japanese Jigokudani Monkey Park
  • See the green Chicago River on St. Patrick’s Day
  • See the remains of Pompei
  • See the “Door to Hell” in Turkmenistan

Desired photos

  • Take a photo of the aurora borealis
  • Take a photo of the Milky Way
  • Take a photo of sea otters in the wild
  • Take a photo of a Grizzly- or Brown-Bear in the wild
  • Take a photo of the launch of an Ariane rocket in Kourou
  • Take a photo of lava floating into the sea

Train Rides

  • Ride the Royal Scotsman
  • Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway
  • Ride the Eastern Oriental Express
  • Ride The Ghan across Australia
  • Ride a train across the Rocky Mountains
  • Ride a steam train across the White Pass in Alaska
  • Ride the Tibet-Railway to Lhasa
  • See the Big Boy in steam
  • Ride the tram in Lisbon
  • Go by train through the Eurotunnel
  • Ride the Andean Explorer to Machu Picchu

Ship cruises

  • Steer a boat over the Caledonian Canal
  • Steer a boat over the Union Canal and Forth & Clyde Canal
  • Take the boat through the Suez Canal


  • Visit a carnival ball in Venice
  • Visit the Fêtes Galantes in Versailles and stay in the Arielles Château de Verailles
  • Visit Carnival in New Orleans
  • Visit Carnival in Rio
  • Perform an own composition in the Cologne Philharmonic Concert Hall
  • Visit a performance at the Metropolitan Opera New York
  • Visit a performance at the Sidney Opera House
  • Visit a performance at the Theatro di Scala in Milano
  • Visit a performance of Macbeth at the Globe Theatre in London
  • Visit the Last Night of the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall
  • Stay at the Hotel at Old Faithful
  • Drink a Sourtoe in the saloon of the Downtown Hotel in Dawson, Alaska
  • Dance tango in Buenos Aires
  • Tango dancing at the river Seine across from Notre Dame
  • See the Indian Summer in Canada
  • Cuddle a Koala
  • Climb the Harbour Bridge in Sidney
  • Stay a night in the Sidney Zoo
  • Swim with the stingrays, sharks and joung whales at the coast of Moorea

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