Sherlock Holmes Museum

On the sidewalk you first notice the long queue as you walk from Baker Street Station towards 221b. An employee of the museum regularly walks past the row, asking the waiting people to keep the sidewalk free for pedestrians, and points out that they should buy the tickets in the shop before joining the queue.

A Bobby at the entrance takes care that not to many visitors enter the small the apartment of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson at the same time. You can take photos with him, for which also the appropriate hats are provided. Once inside, you will first hear about Sherlock Holmes and his apartment at the famous 221b Baker Street address for five minutes. Then you can stay in the museum as long as you like and may also take photos to your heart’s content.

If you’ve never heard of Sherlock Holmes, you’ll get a first glimpse of who it’s all about and, at best, be curious to finally read the stories of the most brilliant detective of all time. Anyone who knows Holmes, because he has seen him on TV or read a few stories about him, will recognize many things and maybe even gain some deeper insight. But whoever is an inveterate fan like me, who has devoured and memorized all the original stories, as they were once published in the Strand Magazine, will not be able to get out of their amazement.

So I counted the steps of the stairs when going up to the first floor of the house. I remember Holmes teaching his friend and colleague Dr. Watson that he only sees, but not observes, because he did not know the number of steps on the strairs. I knew there would have to be 17 steps, and most likely the real stairs would not have the correct number of steps. Mistake!

So in the livingroom it goes on like that. Very detailed and historically correct. Furnished with Victorian antiques, not only is this room. It is a perfect replica of what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle describes in his stories. A dining table with Victorian centerpiece stands in the right corner next to the window. In the left corner is Holmes desk, where he does some experiments, while his violin leans at the side of the desk. Opposite the wall you can find the neatly arranged workplace of his friend and colleague Dr. John Watson. On the mantelpiece there is the photo of Irene Adler, which is referred to by Holmes only as “The Woman”.

Further up in the house are displays of scenes from the famous detective’s adventures and the head of the Hound of Baskerville hangs on the wall as a trophy.

When leaving Holmes’ apartment again and going into the shop, you can buy all sorts of souvenirs related to Sherlock Holmes.

The only downer: both the entrance fee, as well as the prices in the shop are very high. But the visit is worthwhile, especially for fans.

My Tigertip

Great museum, with detailed depictions and very nice staff. Unfortunately a bit expensive.

Sherlock Holmes Museum
221b Baker St, Marylebone, London NW1 6XE

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