My first journey

I decided to get out of the house together with my service staff for a few days. From time to time Tiger needs fresh air. And where could the air be fresher than on the North Sea island of Borkum?

I had booked my accommodation in the chic Villa Ems. Here there are cozy guest rooms, a decent breakfast for hungry tigers and you live right in the city center of Borkum.

From the window of my room I had a good view of the station of the Island Railway. From here the trains go to the port and back again. There is always something going on, and Tiger gets to see something, even if he does not go out of the house.

But what would a visit to the island of Borkum be without going out to breath all the fresh air blowing here. So I kicked my service staff out of the room and walked to the waterfront and the beach. Although it was still very early in the year, the first beach chairs and beach tents were already placed in the sand and some hard-boiled sunbathers kept their nose in the spring sun.

In addition, I saw on my city tour the new and the old lighthouse. At the latter there is also an old cemetery with some scary grave stones. Just around the corner, a Borkum whaling captain had once built a garden fence made of whale bones.

Because the walking on foot became too much for me at some point and my tiger’s feet hurt me, I chartered a horse-drawn carriage, which took me on a tour through the dunes of the Borkum Eastland. That’s how I like it: enjoying the landscape without having to run around in it.

Some day it was time to leave the beautiful island and head home. Because the Borkumers would miss me and wanted to say goodbye to me, they had lined up for the carnival parade at the railway station of the Island Railway. Very strange. But if they want to …

With a special train of the Island Railway, pulled by the lovingly restored steam locomotive “Borkum”, I rolled across the island from the station to the harbor.

On the way we had to stopseveral times because so many people had come to say goodbye to me and get a picture of me. As if they had never seen a tiger before. Holy stripes!

During the drive home, it proved again that it had been pretty smart to roll back home. The sun had disappeared without a trace behind the clouds in the sky, and it had become pretty cold. That’s why I had my service staff wrap me in a warm blanket.

In any case, the trip was a lot of fun and I felt well recovered. This is definetely something I will do more often in the future. Aye!

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